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Things I have not made that I appreciate/identify with
The haunted


I keep saving photos for reference for a decade old comic idea that may never come to the light of day.

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So this cookbook is Japanese and from around the 50’s. There isn’t a whole lot of Arabic numbers in the book besides the page numbers.

I was told a few years ago by an 80+ year old 1st Gen that it’s written in a way he couldn’t read it. An older style, he said.

Or maybe he thought I wanted it translated and was trying to avoid me asking him to do so. Hahaha.

I tried putting up pictures of all the damaged pages. Obviously you have to appreciate a book that was used. Old food splatters. ☺️

There are lots of beautiful illustrations in this book. I think there’s something on manners in the back. It is laid out in the eastern right to left format, of course.

There’s also a very young child’s schoolwork with notes all over it. I think it was a little girl’s. It adds a sort of charm and a private, personal flavor to the book. So cute.

I’m hoping to give this as a gift.

If the intended recipient doesn’t want it, I’ll sell it.

First attempts at making “kitten” collars. I ordered the BFF sandwiches off etsy and wanted to do something cute with them.

They are a bit on the high side. If they were more narrow, they could work with more fashion styles.

My fluffernutter sandwich will go on a collar, too. I don’t have a lot of that lace though. I don’t want to make it look too different.


I’m glad I made a bra band adjuster instead of hunting for the “perfect” bra for my wedding dress. Is it pretty? No. Is it hideous? No. Does it do what I want it too? Yes. Will my husband have to make do? Yes. Hahaha. Unless I “fix” it right before we get to the hotel room.

Being plus sized causes issues if you are trying to look for ANYTHING. (Nice clothes, clothes patterns that don’t make me look like I’m 62, prints that don’t make me look like I only own Redbook magazines from 1991,… Plus, since I wear a size 18 or a 2X most of the time, manufactures tend to think I wear a G cup bra or something. Even Torrid.)

And forget the strapless bras or adhesive cups. I’m gonna sew clear straps in these suckers.

I want to look as sleek as possible, particularly on my wedding day. And I don’t want to swim in my clothes. So I’ve been doing just a smidge of DYI. More to go yet.

I hope my sewing skills will improve. Maybe I will open an etsy shop one day for plus sized young women. Maybe.

When you put yourself down. “I’m not that pretty.” “My hair looks like crap.” Or whatever, particularly after you received a compliment, you are insulting that person or the people who love, care, and/or admire you. You are saying that they are lying sacks of shit.

People take the time to give you nice feedback, take it to heart. Don’t challenge their honesty. You’re insulting them. They love you more than you love yourself. There’s an issue there.

Zero fucks given but I do have a payment plan.